Shona Macnaughton

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Every Translator is a Traitor (2013)

Opportunity to participate in an artist project  – PAID

Post: Performer of Employment

Department: c/o Collective

One employee has resigned and taken with her an image of the University of Edinburgh. This infinitesimal reflection of the institution is a current representation of what has been instrumental in shaping history for over 400 years.  A new form for education is being constructed from that image.

The former employee, the artist Shona Macnaughton, is the employer for the post advertised. She offers an opportunity to work with primary documentation of the architecture of leading international academics whose visions are shaping tomorrow’s world – a backstage observation of an exciting, vibrant, research led academic community.

As intermediary host for the employer Collective is one of the most ambitious contemporary art spaces in Scotland supporting new work with a strong international reputation and award-winning programme. New Work Scotland Programme is a Collective initiative recognised as giving graduates based in Scotland their first significant visual art project or commission. The employer is a participant in the programme this year, which includes an exhibition in Gallery 1.




– There is an exercise for audition which, as im looking for someone to collaborate with, requires responding to a couple of short clips and forming a descriptive text to perform to camera.

I attach the links below. The character is an employee of the environments in the clips and must sell the space to camera as if part of a company promotion. Between 5-10 mins is probably best. This is the only stipulation – Please feel free to experiment! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.-



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