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Going Public

Going Public was a curated exhibition of three parts which took place at the Embassy Gallery in March 2011, whilst I was part of the Embassy Committee; Erwin Van Doorn and Inge Nabuurs presented their project …but now it needs to be done…, Lee Joss for the first time revealed an archive of events from last year’s Edinburgh Festival, and alongside, BAVO, operational managers for The Office For Artist Participation, introduced a new model of arts policy from Rotterdam.

Sunday 27th March, 2-3pm

As part of the exhibition ‘Going Public’ (open 26.03.11 – 10.04.11) will be the first UK outing of an installation by Eindhoven based artists Erwin Van Doorn and inge Nabuurs. Their work is concerned with the complexity of history and how we are all implicated in its identity, its intention is to unmask that which is erased and ‘make re-indentification a possiblity’ . Van Doorn and Nabuurs have gradually re-traced the activities of his grandfather from the period during and after the 2nd World War, and devised a series of 17 performances which imagine and re-enact the tasks and tortures of his grandfathers’ experiences with the aid of props. These are carried out as rituals for penance and rehabilitation, and take place at specific locations around Europe where he believes his Grandfather was sent. Although distinctly personal their work refers to a wider collective history. The surroundings that form the backdrop to their videos and photographs have lost their potency. The locations are given meaning by an action and an object. In this case site is used as part of a triangulation of real, imagined and symbolic context. The actuality of fact is not important, and any authority of fact is questioned, reduced to document indicators. The reality of the story is not the goal, identifying with it is.

BAVO, operational managers for The Office For Artist Participation, introduce a new model of arts policy from Rotterdam.

During the exhibition ‘Going Public’ at the Embassy Gallery BAVO were given a platform to introduce their proposed programme for best practice from the Office For Artist Participation of Rotterdam. This was the 4th in a series of presentations to an Edinburgh audience, propagating a hardline approach towards artist’s role in economic, social and spatial policy.

BAVO present their programme in the form of a video conference and invite questions and discussion around their proposals.

This was a curated project supported by Creative Scotland and The Elephant Trust, and existed thanks to the following people:

Ailsa Lochead, Eva Isleifsdottir, Benjamin Fallon, Peter Amoore, Martha Richardson, Lara MacLeod, Ashleigh Reid, Francesca Nobilucci, James Phillips, Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Alexa Hare, Michelle Hannah, Magnus Quaife, Stewart Home, David Sherry, Victor Boullet, Luke Munn, Kjersti Slettland, Abigail Barr, Calvin Laing, Karen Gabbitas, Marte Haug, Jason Penney, Alex Allan, Qi You, and Team Lump.

For more information visit the Embassy Gallery website.

The accompanying publication is available to view online here or send me an email via the contact page of this website and I’ll send a hard copy to your address.

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