Shona Macnaughton

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Our Complex (2011)

Taking the show home as a symbol of abstract capital and the closest example of the contemporary mind’s utopia, now the ultimate ruin in crisis limbo, the first version of this work was made for a gallery space at Generator projects, Dundee in July 2011. For the first time I joined my artistic and curatorial practice, including the work of other artists in an installation of my own. Looking at the contemporary political logic involving the co-option of everything cultural to lifestyle branding, it was concerned with the commercial idea of the home and the role of art within related aspirations.

Photography by Stephen McGarry

Welcome to the show case of Our Complex an exciting new development, where the co-option of everything is met with the emotional antidote of barest narrative. With unparallelled views of A Plastic Plant Acting Like a Real One by Losing Its Leaves and An object suspended above where it was found, the interior retains its classic features, avoiding prop or function. At its aspirational crux is Invisible Touch, a receptionist available to meet all your informational needs. Meeting a brother’s duties the subjective memory of shared former homes has combined to create innovative living space. The shift from analogue to digital coincided with the abandonment of a shared practice of reenacting adverts, this is resurrected and lovingly restored, providing an authentic familial conversion. This prime city centre location, mid-wynd, will play host to luxury domestic approximations of corporate processes. A cosmopolitan mix of artwork, installation and performance Our Complex is the most exciting new residential address in the Tay Estuary.The marketing suite is open for a short period only, disappearing into the silence on the floor of your house.

Including works from Peter Amoore, Scott Laverie, Ailsa Lochhead, Francesca Nobilucci, Helmut Smits.
Alongside performance from Gordon Macnaughton



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