Shona Macnaughton

shonalesley (at) gmail (dot) com

Progressive (2017)

Performance for ‘Bodybuilding’ exhibition, Market Gallery, Glasgow December 2017. The artists were asked to respond to the are local to the gallery; Dennistoun in the east end of the city. This performance was made in response to Graham Square the site of the former entrance to the agricultural market and labour exchange fairs, which gave way to political organising, now a facade leading to new appartments. The east end of Glasgow has undergone significant regeneration projects in the past decades, the script recited as a speech on this site used some of the language used to promote these regeneration projects, but adapted to the first person and referring to the artist’s heavily pregnant body.

Dressed by Soft Play  Photography by Matthew Arthur Williams

Excerpt of script:

An air of neglect pervades me.

Change is a familiar theme for me.

I had an incredibly high intensity of activity.

The relationship between myself and my surroundings has changed over the past decade. No longer are there unbroken runs of activity. [rhythmic]

swathes of vacant space [motion to face] emphasise the lack of activity and quietness in the core area. [Motion to body]

Artist have moved me, however I still lack vibrancy, during the week, offering nothing to the street in terms of atmosphere and activity. [Lower tone]

This suggests [hysterical] that an overall plan and agreement needs to be reached on how I operate, when I operate
and how synergy can be developed between them to help me to be more active and intense.

But what are the critical actions that would create that positive trajectory for me? For me.

This performance is intended to provide a framework for the kind of collaborative action that will be necessary in bringing about beneficial change.

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