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Mandatory Reconsideration — Skogen, Gothenburg, Platform, Easterhouse & David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, 2019

Mandatory Reconsideration is a performance developed from the artist’s experience of participating in a Pecha Kucha. Part artist talk, part pecha kucha, part Ted Talk X, part phone call to the HMRC to dispute a state benefit decision, Mandatory Reconsideration considers art’s relationship to different types of work, through re-positioning the artist figure as over-identifying with their neoliberal nemesis The Creative Entrepreneur.

This was commissioned for the launch of PARSE Journal: Work, Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden and was performed at Skogen in May 2019.

It has since been performed at Eastern Promise festival, Platform, Easterhouse, in October 2019 and for Pre-ramble curated by Jude Browning at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, February 2020.

At  Adverts for the Workplace we push videos every single day if not multiple times per day, any new big feature release that we work on we think about what is the smallest possible test we can run in the next couple of days to understand if this is a viable direction or not.

[Very irate] You’re not listening to me! No no you’re not listening to me. I haven’t done anything wrong, all this because of one admin error. I should have never told you about the other value,…

The last lesson learned and for me it’s the one I hope you walk away remembering. So you really need to love what you do. I love building Adverts for the workplace I live it, I breathe it.

Startups are hard, they become part of your life. There’s no work –  life, the lines are blurred and if you don’t really love what you do, and aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, it’s going to be even harder. And so for me it’s been important to find something that I’m so passionate about, that it makes me laugh and it makes me cry, and some days I want to scream!

But then other days you hear stories of the amazing impact you’re having on people’s lives and you realize…

[Totally despondent] Okay right so there is a hardship process right? Ah but I have to speak to someone else again, I’ll prob just leave it. Yep thanks for your help, all your help. Bye.